The Round Rocks ( Gods Marbles ) North Canterbury NZ

As with many places in New Zealand, you have to find it yourself. I’m going to help you out with directions a map and photos to what is called the Moeraki Boulders of North Canterbury (a.k.a God’s Marbles. a.k.a The Round Rocks)

Part of the route is over private land (which is fine) but only for walking, no vehicles, take care and leave no rubbish.

On the map the starting point (where one must exit the car and leg it) is 101 Laidmore Road, Broomfield

You will need to walk through the low river many times, so expect to get wet up to your knees. It is about 1.5km (3km there and back).

I created this map with the help of GPS Visualizer, very handy.


I think there is a few more when you go up the river to the left, but not sure. That will be a mish for another day.